The Dreaded Plot

Right now, I’m finalising the documentation for my major project, but while I do so, I might as well talk about the various changes that will occur for Aria. Some of these will be major, others minor. I’ll begin with the plot.

As my SAGE booth dev commentary mentioned, I’m a writer – I intend to make this game have a good plot, but even with the script I already have written, I have reason to think that it could be expanded. I have a set of antagonists, but even among them, the Incarnation of Destruction will seem blatantly obvious to some players, even with the way I’ve set it up. So, I think I may just mix things up a bit. Add a bit more padding, and more importantly, screw with your expectations.

So, I’ve decided, to introduce more canditates for the title of the Incarnation – rather than have a single person automatically embued with the power, these guys will be competing among themselves to get it. Guess who is among them…

Dario Bossi

Dario Bossi

Dmitrii Blinov

Dmitrii Blinov

Anyone who has played Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow will recognize these guys. Spoiler: Some of you will also remember that Dmitrii is, ya know, supposed to be dead. Screw that, they’re both here, and… They’re teaming up? What? Yes, you heard me right, you may see them gang up on our heroes. Though, both of them were among the easiest bosses in Castlevania history, so it really only makes such a battle fair.

And I may increase the plot depth, introducing other new characters, a more complex and/or subtle plot, and so on and so forth. There is so much potential for character interaction, who knows?

As well, I’m considering the inclusion of characters from new series, say, Kirby, or Pokemon… We’ll see.


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