There are three aspects of the multiverse which keep everything in check. Creation, Existance, and Destruction. These aspects revolve in harmony with each other. However, evil can disrupt this balance, and now it intends to use the aspect of destruction to eliminate existance, and halt creation…

Greetings, and welcome to Aria of Destiny, a crossover fan game that crosses over various series, too many to list here without bloating the page. This was something I made for my Multimedia Major Project, and as it happens, this demo will be what I’m handing in, but I’m still gonna continue working on this game.

This game is made in Construct, a relatively new game maker program that, though in beta stage and can be somewhat buggy due to that, it is open source, completely free, and freakn’ awesome. Still, my game, as of the current demo, is by no means perfect, sure, the animations are a tad wonky and some enemies act utterly retardedly, for example, I haven’t fully mastered Construct, but I worked hard to try and come up with something that’s at least enjoyable, and I will continue working on it.

This is a Metroidvania, a platforming game which only limits you to your character’s abilities – exploration is not only possible, but reccomended! There are five playable characters in the current demo – Ashe, Julius Belmont, Sonic the Hedgehog, Wario, and Crono. The latter three are unlockable. They have sub-weapons, also akin to Castlevania, which you can switch and use. If you find them, that is.

So, journey on to a world of memories!


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