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Further notes on revamp

October 4, 2009

Progress has been coming along… Very slowly. I’ve decided to go as far as redoing the engine, using the Construct version of Damizean’s 360 engine. The problem is, he needs to finish it, first, and I haven’t really been able to contact him lately.

So, basically, here’s some more things I’m intending to do with this revamp.

– Endri has actually offered to port his AI code to Construct. Which would mean the possibility of doing stuff that I would’ve reserved for the Attitude engine, such as a four-man party.

– “Sub-Attacks” will now pretty much be the term for character-specific sub-attacks, rather than sub-attacks/weapons. Why? I’ve decided to include the traditional Castlevania usage of sub-weapons alongside them. Some character’s sub-attacks will be removed and replaced. For example, Ashe’s sub-attacks will be replaced, but Julius’ ones will go unchanged, Sonic’s shield attacks will be converted into sub-weapons.

Specific sub-weapons can be found in certain areas.

Examples of Sub-weapons:



Outline of future changes

August 29, 2009

The next build is taking longer than I initially expected, because the changes in event coding has produced… Unexpected results. Hopefully, it’ll be all fine soon enough.

Anyway, I might as well outline what kind of changes I’ll be making to the project as a whole. They will be separated into general and “Attitude-based” changes, aka, changes that can be made if I moved the game to the Attitude engine.


Changes to Julius and… Possible move to Attitude?

August 15, 2009

While re-playing Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow’s Julius mode, I’ve been studying how Julius moves and his collision detection. Interestingly, you can touch some enemies barely and still not be hurt, eg, Julius’ whip animation can touch enemies up to his shoulder (or possibly further) and still not be hurt. I’ve somewhat replicated this by using Construct’s ‘collision mask’ feature, erasing parts of the mask so Julius doesn’t ‘collide’ with enemies unless they touch the mask. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start, and it’s easier to kill enemies at close range without hurting yourself.

And to note, I have other news. I’ve been thinking about porting Aria over to Endri’s “Sonic Attitude” engine, well, when Attitude comes out, that is. The Euphoria and AI features, combined with the simplistic scripting engine, among other things, make this a seemingly irresistable idea. HOWEVER. My main problem? I can’t model a damn thing. Of course, I lacked an artist before, but this time, it more or less completely prevents me from using Attitude. I know, from what Streak said, people don’t like doing stuff for other people. But, if anyone who can model and stuff, and wants to team up with me to create a 2.5D Aria, that… Well, would be really awesome.

Boss Intro Animation Complete

August 6, 2009
Boss Intro Animation - Metal Sonic

Boss Intro Animation - Metal Sonic

I don’t think I need to explain this, besides it being fully-animated, bits of it come from Pokemon Platinum (to be precise, the starts of the Gym Leader/Elite Four/whoever battles. Small touches go a long, long way.

New HUDs

August 1, 2009

Now, this is an interesting one. SAGE is still running, but meh. Anyway, I’ve made a quick visual addition… Custom HUDs, whenever I was able to, I put in HUDs from games that each character comes from. Or ones from particular games most appropriate. Some characters simply have the default HUD, such as Crono.

Sonic Battle HUD

Sonic Battle-based HUD (somewhat modified as the original carked up for some reason)


The beginning of a new chapter.

July 25, 2009

Of Aria of Destiny’s development, that is. I’ll just treat you to a picture of Wario throwing random stuff.

Wario throwing random stuff.