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Fixed build

September 7, 2009

After a rather game-breaking problem was reported to me, I realised what the problem was and quickly fixed it. It should work, now. Sorry about that.

New Link to demo


New build finished!

September 5, 2009

It’s done! I managed to fix those nagging issues and, as a bonus, I made some more additions as well.

– There is now a seperate sub-attack button, but you can still use Up+Attack, though this can be toggled if you so desire in the customisation exe. I’m considering dropping the Up+Attack thing entirely to make way for attacks that can be aimed Metroid-style. Like Bass. The Up+Attack method is more reccomended for use with a keyboard. Don’t use the 360 controller’s D-Pad, it is terrible.

– The character select screen has been modified. There is a LOT more space for future additions.

Also, Xbox 360 controller support. You might wanna experiment with the control configuration.

And lastly, as I neglected to mention this in the readme, the configuration exe is controlled via the mouse. Just click on the control tags once each, and after clicking one, press the desired button. There’s also buttons to save and load your configurations. It’s somewhat crude, but it works.

Edit: Deleted due to a problem that I hadn’t forseen that was reported to me. Fixed version coming right up.

New build coming up

August 27, 2009

I’ll make this quick. Basically, I’m gonna finish a new build soon. It’s gonna be a slight overhaul of the control system – customisable controls. No more alternate control scheme EXEs, there’ll be another EXE to customise the controls with. Also, Xbox 360 controller support, at last! Other things:

– Menu selection changes fixed, you don’t have to tap twice to get the damn thing working.

– I think I fixed the music doubling problem.

– Slight changes in Julius’ animations, as well as changes in his collision masks.

Also, next blog post, I’ll outline what kind of changes I’m gonna make to the game – it’ll likely be one hell of an overhaul.

New HUDs

August 1, 2009

Now, this is an interesting one. SAGE is still running, but meh. Anyway, I’ve made a quick visual addition… Custom HUDs, whenever I was able to, I put in HUDs from games that each character comes from. Or ones from particular games most appropriate. Some characters simply have the default HUD, such as Crono.

Sonic Battle HUD

Sonic Battle-based HUD (somewhat modified as the original carked up for some reason)